Solaré Distributors – Generating Excitement for Green Energy!

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Solaré Distributors was formed when, in 2013, Rik Kaminsky and his brother Jay saw opportunity in Alberta’s green energy movement. “Jay had evaluated the cost of going off the grid at over $80K by the time you added batteries, generators, etc. We felt we could provide a much more affordable solution and started working backwards from there.”

The brothers were invested in downhole electronics at the time, and sold their interests in order to jump into the green energy industry and become experts in the area of solar PV, high efficiency LED lighting technologies and energy auditing.

Today, the Kaminsky brothers are reaping the rewards of their move toward green energy, working with residential, municipal, commercial and First Nations clients. The Alberta based company specializes in custom solutions for each customer, and further differentiates itself from its competitors by offering unique products such as Soofa solar powered benches!

Working together on the sales portion of the business, each brother holds general oversight over separate pieces of the remaining puzzle. “Technically, I am the General Manager and Purchaser”, explains Rik, “Jay is the tech between us; he does most of the auditing, design and engineering”.

“We’ve done several large commercial projects on water treatment facilities, and are currently working on a 2mW solar farm!” says Rik, adding that the company looks forward to gaining further momentum in large scale commercial projects in the coming years.
Operating out of Spruce Grove, Alberta, Solaré Distributors ‘walks the walk’ where community involvement is concerned. The Kaminsky’s time away from Solaré is spent teaching courses to First Nations students in energy efficiency and solar PV. As board members of the Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce, of which Rik is soon to sit as Chairman, as well as the Spruce Grove Business Association, they lend their knowledge and insight to their fast-growing community and provide added value to community projects, such as the revitalization of the town’s downtown presence.

Solaré Distributors is a Certified Aboriginal Business, and 100% Metis owned. “We have met so many great people within the First Nations communities that really care about how this planet is being treated,” he explains, “We would like to continue to offer coursework to these communities in the hopes of generating additional interest and investment in the green energy industry”.
In three short years, Solaré has established itself as an industry expert. “The best part is seeing how we’ve grown in such a short time!” says Rik. Burst Energy is proud to have established a partnership with this community-centric organization, and with the many solar micro generators who benefit from offsets offered by our Feed In Tariff (FIT) program.

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To learn more about the Feed In Tariff (FIT) program offered by Burst Energy, in partnership with Solaré Distributors, and how micro generators benefit, visit: Feed In Tarrif