Prudential Explained

Understanding Prudentials

As a retailer in a deregulated market, Burst Energy must maintain bonded prudential accounts with the Alberta Electric Systems Operator (AESO), as well as the Distribution companies. Both of these prudentials are to ensure that if the customer defaults on their payment, the distributors or the generators are reimbursed.

By asking for a Prudential, that pays a 5% return to you as a Burst Energy customer per annum, is one mechanism we are using to cover this cost and risk on an incremental basis. Your investment in your prudential allows us to keep our rates lower and continue to save you money on your electricity bill. The 5% interest per annum is credited to your monthly Burst Energy bill. The Prudential is fully refundable should you choose to leave Burst Energy and your account is in good standing.

For electricity sites using under 20,000 kWh per year, we ask for a Prudential of $100.00 on select rates.

For electric sites using overĀ 20,000 kWh, per year, we ask for $0.01 per annual kWh (min. $400) on select rates.

We do not ask for prudential on natural gas sites.

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