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It’s Been a Long Time Coming – Alberta’s Phasing-out of Coal

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Alberta’s energy sector is among the most prominent features in its robust economy. The Province reported revenues in the area of $33 billion dollars in 2013 . With figures like…

New to Burst Energy – Solar Program

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Burst Energy is committed to staying abreast of energy developments and innovation, and to providing our customers with a menu of solutions where consumer needs are concerned. Now, more than…

Continued Growth in 2017

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A successful 2017 has come and gone, and the year’s achievements have set the stage for positive growth in 2018. Going into our 4th year as an independent energy retailer,…

Claresholm Sponsorship

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Burst Energy is proud to announce its sponsorship of two new outdoor fitness facilities in Claresholm Alberta! These facilities are anticipated to be installed in spring 2018, and will be…