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Better Late Than Never – Albertans Anticipate Energy Rebates as Inflation Spikes

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As spring led into summer, Albertans were left wondering what would come of Kenny’s promises to offer consumer rebates to offset the challenges felt by residences and businesses across the…

Alberta Utility Agencies Working for You

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The history of utilities in Alberta demonstrates just how important these utilities have become in our daily lives. In the case of electricity, for example, every area of industry would…

Alberta: It’s Time to Fix Your Utilities

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With market uncertainty and inflation on the rise, now is the time to lock in your gas and electricity pricing. It’s the end of March, and we’re nearly there – spring is around the corner…

Alberta Coldsnap II

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Alberta rang in the new year not with a bang but a whimper, it seems. Nearly two weeks of deep-freeze temperatures well below seasonal average and a brief reprieve before we resumed…