Natural Gas

 The Burst Advantage

As an Alberta based company, we understand that our customers lead busy lives. In our continued effort to help Alberta’s energy consumers simplify their utility expenses, existing Burst Energy customers now have the ability to consolidate their electrical and gas expenses by adding our natural gas package. Streamlining your residential, agricultural or commercial utility needs means more time for what matters to you. Reliable service offered to Albertans, by Albertans.


Natural gas pricing does not have to be complicated. Your natural gas rate follows this formula:

Alberta Spot Market Value (see the NGX) + $0.90/GJ = Price per GJ

It’s that simple.

Over the last year, that would have averaged $3.23 /GJ.


Fixed Monthly Fees

As an existing energy customer, you pay no additional security deposit when you add the natural gas package, and there continues to be no cancellation fee. A monthly administration fee of $4.50 will be added to your bill, and you will continue to pay the Distribution and Transmission charges* currently showing on your bill. Administration fees and transmission rates are guaranteed until December 31, 2017.

*Distribution and transmission fees are government regulated, and common to all retailers.

Floating Rate

Commodity trends are continuously followed by our dedicated team, and we have decided to offer a floating rate as a result.  Since Alberta’s natural gas is produced locally, we are confident that a floating rate offers our customers the best value for their money at this time. Pricing comparisons are ongoing, and fixed rate packages may be offered in the future, should the market climb.

  • No Sign-up Fee
  • No Cancellation Fee
  • Paperless Billing
  • Pre-Authorized Payment

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