Do I need the Site ID number for my electricity or gas service to sign up?

No, if you do not have this information from your current bill, we can find it for you.

If I signed a long-term agreement with another retailer, can I switch retailers?

Yes, regulated rate (month-to-month) customers can switch over at any time. If you have signed a long-term contract, we encourage you to contact your current retailer to verify the cancellation process and to determine if any exit fees or penalties need to be paid, prior to switching to a new energy retailer.

If I switch energy suppliers, will my service reliability be affected?

No. Services provided by competitive retailers differ only by price and other contract features and the electricity or natural gas will continue to come to your home or business, through the same network of wires or pipes, no matter who you choose as an energy retailer.

By law, the local utility company is not allowed to provide different care levels to customers who have chosen an alternate supplier. You will continue to receive the same level of delivery quality, emergency response and meter reading from your current local utility. If, for some reason, a competitive retailer decided to abruptly end its services, then that company’s customers would automatically be enrolled with the regulated rate provider.

Are there any fees to enroll?

There are no enrollment fees.

Do you offer different payment options?

Pre-authorized debit from a chequing account is our only method of payment.

Can I change my payment due date?

Our payment due dates are based on when your meter is read by the distribution company. The meter readings and consumption information is sent to us electronically and bills are produced with a payment date seven days after the billing date. These dates may not be changed.

What if I have a micro-generation site?

Electricity exported to the grid by Small Micro-Generators (MG), as defined under the provisions of the Province of Alberta, Electric Utilities Act, Micro-Generation Regulation, is calculated based on meter read information provided by your distribution company.

The exported electricity meter data is processed on a monthly basis and will be included as a ‘MG Credit’ on your bill. The credit will be calculated using the fixed or variable rate chosen by the customer for their imported energy.

Who do I call if power goes out or if there is a gas leak or other emergency?

If you have a power outage or other energy related emergency, please call the local utility company for your area (ATCO Electric, ENMAX, EPCOR, FORTIS Alberta, ATCO Gas, etc.). Contact numbers for the utility company may also be found on your current bill.

How do I know that my personal information is secure?

We are very concerned about the security and confidentiality of your personal information. Each account is secured by a unique combination or User ID and password and all systems and data are stored in a secure, fully redundant data center that is monitored 24/7.

Billing Q&A

Burst Energy has partnered with Sponsor Energy to ensure a consistent and effective billing process for all our customers! We have compiled some frequently asked questions to assist you in understanding the billing process.


How do I arrange for automatic withdrawal from my account?

When you sign up with Burst Energy, you will be asked to upload your banking information to a secure site either by scanning or emailing a void cheque or withdrawal form from your bank. This allows us to formalize your application and initiate service. Please note that payments are made exclusively by automatic withdrawal and payments made by cheque cannot be processed. 


How are meter readings taken?

Your meter continues to be monitored by the line provider (such as Fortis) regardless of the distributor you choose (such as Burst Energy). Meter readings are sent to Sponsor

Energy (the billing provider), and are processed the following Tuesday.


When can I expect my bill to arrive?

Invoicing occurs the Tuesday after we have received your meter reading for the month. On that Tuesday, you will receive an email notification (between 8-10 pm MST) indicating that your invoice is available to be viewed on your online portal. Your online portal will indicate both the invoice amount and the date we intend to withdraw funds from your account. Paper statements are mailed out Wednesday, with their arrival date dependent upon Canada Post timelines.


How will I know what I owe?

You will receive an email detailing the amount of your bill, and the date that your payment will be withdrawn from your account.


What if I don’t have sufficient funds for payment?

There is a fee for NSF payments of $30.00. If you anticipate a shortage and need to make further arrangements, please contact us as soon as possible upon receiving your monthly bill.


When do I pay my last bill to my current retailer and when will yours come?

When you sign up with Burst Energy, you will select a date to commence services. On that date, your services will be discontinued with your previous provider and Burst Energy will begin as your utility retailer. We encourage our customers to discuss the termination date and associated conditions with their current provider if there is any concern over potential termination fees.


I have power and gas through Burst Energy, will I receive two bills?

If you have both electricity and gas services through burst energy, you will see a combined total showing as your monthly balance owing.


I own multiple properties – will I receive multiple emails?

If you have more than one property under your name, you will receive a single email stating that your invoices are ready to be viewed on your online dashboard. The dashboard allows you to download, view and print your monthly utility bill(s).


Can I receive my bill by standard mail?

Hard copies of your bill can be sent to you by mail for a fee of $3.00 monthly. *Note that if you receive your bill by mail, your account may have been debited prior to you receiving it.


Can I pay with a credit card?

At this time there is no available option for credit card payment.


Does Burst Energy have a budget plan available?

We do not have a budget plan available at this time.


How can I make changes to my billing and/or address information?

To make changes to your billing or payment information, or for other inquiries please contact Burst Energy at: 780-412-1065 or by email at:

What is the AMA Rewards program? And how does it work?

The AMA program is closed to new enrollments. The participation of those already enrolled will end November 30, 2021.