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The end of summer is around the corner, and the coziness of fall is on its way! Families are preparing to re-enter the routines of school, sports and homework! As the seasons begin to change, it is worth noting that winter will bring with it rising costs, due to additional heating and lighting needs. Combined with this increased usage is the real potential for cumulative increases in resource costs as the new carbon taxation program comes into effect.

Beginning Jan 1, 2017, Albertans will see the costs of consumer products rising as a result of, among other things, transport costs associated with getting consumer goods to the consumer. With the uncertainty around what the true cost to consumers will be, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your utility bills will remain consistent?
We can help!

Act now to lock into one of our fixed rate plans and pay just 5.76¢/kWh through December 2018, or only 6.49¢/kWh through December 2020! *(Offer valid through October 31, 2016).

Burst Energy is pleased to offer a variety of plans to consumers for residential, agricultural or commercial purposes. Reduce the risk of climbing rates by locking in to a fixed rate plan today. Our fixed rate plans ensure that you pay a consistent rate despite any market increases for the duration of your guaranteed contract! That means added security against rising costs for your business, your family and you.
Let us help you make 2017 a great year! Contact your Burst provider today to lock in, or see our Fixed Rate options in detail at Our Rates.