Feed in Tariff Program

By October 15, 2016 General No Comments

At Burst Energy, we believe in giving credit where credit is due. We believe in the green energy movement, and the power of every Albertan to change the energy landscape by changing the way we do things both drastically and incrementally.

The green energy discussion in Alberta is often met with confusion. The ‘who’ and ‘how’ of getting involved is often muddied by the fact that although the concept of green is generally understood, the lack of available subsidies to smaller generators is marginal at best, turning a well-intentioned effort into a careful calculation of affordability, following the cessation of the FIT program’s predecessor, Light Up Alberta, in 2014. The timeline to pay down the investment in green energy generation is often too hard a pill to swallow for the average family or business.

The good news? The FIT program is here!

We see you, micro generators! We know what you’re doing for our province’s energy grid, and we want to recognise you for your contribution to a cleaner place for Alberta families to live and grow.

If you are a micro generator, or have taken an interest in the concept of microgeneration, you will no doubt be interested in hearing about the FIT program offered in Partnership between Burst Energy and Green Alberta Energy.

The FIT program is a voluntary program, and free to join simply by speaking to your Burst Representative! FIT channels $0.0166/kWh back to you, the generator, and allows you to offset the costs associated with microgeneration. As a Burst Energy customer, the payments will be listed as a credit on your billing statement. You might be surprised what a difference a few extra pennies can do for your investment!
The program is privately funded by people who care about the proliferation of subsidy programs for green energy producers. Our aim is not only to recognize micro generators, but to foster public awareness about the prevalence of such producers in Alberta and spark larger dialogue about how to get involved and how the Provincial Government can help.

You are making a difference, let us help take the pressure off. Call your Burst Energy provider today to request to be a participant in the FIT program.