About Us

Burst Energy is an Alberta based private seller of electricity and natural gas. We see a bit of ourselves in each of our customers, which is why we are committed to ensuring:


We strive to ensure that our offerings reflect options that are relevant to the needs of Albertans. You can find rigid utility plans anywhere. We want to offer you choices that fit the needs of your family, business, and lifestyle.


We want you to choose the options that reflect your values and circumstances without worrying about being bound to it. That’s why we offer energy packages without contracts. After all, we want our customers to stay with us because it’s the right choice – not because of a contract.


It is our intention to take the mystery out of utility pricing. We want you to feel confident in choosing Burst Energy as your electricity and gas provider. That’s why we provide clear information about our pricing, and ensure that when you call us you talk to another Albertan on the other end! No jargon, no fluff, and no navigating touch-tone menus, just Albertans supporting Albertans.


As fellow Albertans, we put ourselves in your shoes first and foremost when making decisions, and strive to offer an experience that you can speak positively about. That means doing what’s right, and following through. It’s that simple.

Burst Energy operates as a seller of electricity and natural gas  under the retail license held by Sponsor Energy Inc.

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